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25 August 2019
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The Challenge of Business Expansion & Development
Correctly planned & resourced or a leap of faith...?

As your business develops and grows, you will inevitably confront the divergent demands of controlling day-to-day operations whilst also striving to expand and develop the business.

This can result in over-stretching existing resources to achieve the expansion objectives, and frequently requires team members to multi-task and develop new skills and expertise within a short period of time.

Unfortunately appropriate skills and expertise cannot be developed overnight, and many businesses cannot afford to recruit experienced, skilled executives during the pre-expansion phase. This can result in a loss of momentum and, in some cases, even failure before the expansion actually takes off.

The Gage Associates Solution

At Gage Associates Limited we aim to bridge the resource gap by providing tailored executive resources capable of delivering executive solutions to complement you and your team.

With access to a pool of over 2,000 successful, experienced executives, Gage Associates can source and supply:

  • the right catalysts
  • in proportion to your needs and your budget
  • to support you and your team in:
    1. sales, marketing & PR
    2. finance, accounting & IT
    3. operations, business & process development
    4. HR, quality, safety & environmental control